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An introduction to aluminum foil balloons.


Aluminum foil balloons can be divided into: birthday party balloons, toy cartoon aluminum foil balloons, gift balloons, decorative balloons, advertising balloons, Valentine's Day balloons, Christmas balloons and other holiday balloons.

According to their different functions, they can be divided into: automatic inflatable balls, music balloons, font balloons, letter balloons, rod balloons, pearl balloons, etc.

Aluminum foil balloons (also called aluminum foil balloons, hydrogen balloons, and helium balloons in China, this is an inaccurate statement). It is because some people call aluminum foil balloons because of their different understandings of aluminum film balloon materials, but the material we use here for balloons should be called aluminum film more appropriately;

The reason why some people call it a hydrogen balloon and a helium balloon is because the gas inflated is different. When inflating the aluminum film balloon, hydrogen is generally used in China because of the cost factor, so domestic people generally call it. It is a hydrogen balloon, but the disadvantage of using hydrogen is that it is more dangerous. In "Should we use helium or hydrogen to inflate the balloon?" "Here is a detailed introduction; and foreign countries generally use helium to inflate aluminum film balloons, so generally foreign countries write helium balloon on the content of the inquiry form.

Aluminum film balloons really began to be produced in the late 1970s. Before, because children were easy to burst when playing with latex balloons, and the gas retention time was relatively short, people have always wanted to develop a balloon that can keep the gas from leaking for a long time. A balloon that can withstand the weight of a child. Finally, in the late 1970s, the material of aluminum film was found.

The surface printing of these produced aluminum film balloons not only looks very beautiful, but also can produce various sizes of aluminum film balloons such as dinosaurs, sea babies, giraffes, dolphins, monkeys, tigers, lions and other shapes. . As soon as the product came out, it was loved by people.
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