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How to make an arch from a balloon?


According to the size of the arch, use PVC pipe to make a "U" shape. After filling the two water bases with water, insert the PVC pipe into the water base, place the two sets of balloons in a cross, match the colors, and tie the balloons to the bracket. to make an arch.

A balloon is a sealed bag filled with air or some other gas. Balloons can be used not only as toys, but also as means of transportation. There are many types of balloons. Now we mainly introduce balloons produced from natural latex, which can be used as decorations, arches for opening celebrations, can be printed with their own advertising patterns as publicity, and photos of newly married couples can be printed as congratulations, and can be used to decorate dance parties. Newcomer floats, etc. Now balloons have become a beautiful landscape and are more and more favored by people!

Balloons can not only be used as toys and decorations, but also as a means of transportation. If the balloon is large enough and the gas inside is lighter than the air of the same volume, the buoyancy generated exceeds the weight of the airbag and the attached objects (such as gondolas, hot air balloons, etc.), and the balloon can rise.

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